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4 easy ways to get your photos off your phone so you don’t lose them

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How many photos do you have on your phone right now?  If you’re like most people it’s probably several thousand.  As I write this I currently have 3,345 photos and 287 videos.  And I delete most of mine several times a year! Our lives literally live on our phones and I would be totally devastated if I lost all of my photos.  Okay, maybe not devastated but extremely sad for a few days and then really mad.  Mad that I left that many on there and didn’t take the time to get them off and saved to my computer.  Thankfully, I do have mine backed up.  Do you?  Below are 4 easy ways to get your photos off your phone.

First, a little background on the size of the pictures on our phones.  A picture taken with our phone is generally between 5-8 megabytes (MB).  It takes 1000MB to equal 1 gigabyte (GB).  So you can store around 140 phone photos per 1GB.  Okay, now that we have that out of the way read on for 4 easy ways to get your photos off your phone.

iCloud Storage

Apple Logo for iCloud Storage for photos

I know not everyone has an iPhone so if you don’t, just skip this one.  For everyone else, iCloud is probably one of the easiest ways to backup and save your photos on your phone. You get 5GB of storage with your phone, which really isn’t much at all.

For people who need more space, you can buy more through Apple starting with 50GB for just 99 cents a month.  That’s a pretty good deal! For most people that is probably enough, at least for a while.  You’ll be able to store around 7000 photos on 50GB of iCloud storage.  This doesn’t include videos.  Videos will definitely take up more space so it all depends on how long your videos are.  If you need more than the 50GB of storage you can buy even more. Seriously, if you have an iPhone, this is an incredibly simple option.

To get your photos off of iCloud and onto your own personal computer or external hard drive just go to iCloud.com and download them. Super Easy!

Google Drive

Google Logo for Google Drive for storage of photos

Google Drive is a cloud storage service that allows you to store photos, videos, pdf’s and so much more.  First, you need to create a Google account.  If you already have a Gmail account then you have a Google account.  A Google account gives you access to Gmail, Google Drive, Google Play, and more.  You’ll have 15GB of free storage but that includes the space your Gmail (if you use it) takes up.  Even so, 15GB should be plenty of space as long as you occasionally transfer your photos to your computer or external hard drive.  If you need more than the 15GB you can purchase 100GB for just $2 a month.

On your phone download the app and from there you’ll just click the blue plus sign in the bottom right to upload the photos to google drive.  You can either just leave everything on the drive or you can create folders to organize everything. There’s also the ability to do a bulk upload to the drive.  Be aware that if you make a change to the drive on your phone, the change will be reflected on your computer and/or tablet.

To use Google Drive:

  1. Open the app on your phone
  2. Tap the plus sign in the bottom right corner
  3. Create a folder to store your photos or choose a folder if already created
  4. Tap the plus sign, select “upload”, choose file type (photos and videos), and then choose your photos
  5. Finally, click the upload button to store them on the drive

To get your photos to automatically sync to your Google Drive you’ll need to open the app and enable “auto backup” in Settings>Back Up.


Dropbox Logo for storage of photos

This is my personal favorite and what I use.  Dropbox allows you to upload to their storage space for free.  You can store photos, videos, or other files from your iPhone or Android device.  With Dropbox you get 2GB of free storage which equates to about 275 photos. 

To use Dropbox you need to download the free app onto your phone and create an account.  You can then upload your files to Dropbox.  If you want to get them off of Dropbox and onto your computer, you log in to Dropbox through their website on your computer and just download them to your computer or hard drive.  You can also upload files from your computer to Dropbox, open the app on your phone and then download them to your phone. 

I have mine set up so that whenever I’m at home on my wireless connection I just open the Dropbox app on my phone and my photos automatically start to upload on their own.  Again, the 2GB of storage isn’t a lot of space so you either need to purchase more or you’ll have to move the items to your computer to make room for more photos.  Once I have them on my hard drive I just delete them from my phone and from Dropbox to make room for more photos.  If you want, you can purchase 2TB of space for $10 a month.

Amazon Photos

Amazon Logo for storage of photos

If you have Amazon Prime, and most of us do, you can get unlimited free storage (UNLIMITED!) for your photos and 5GB of storage for your videos.  If you need more space for your videos you can purchase 100GB for $20 a year.  Amazon Photos allows you to organize your photos into albums and by different categories such as location or people.  You can share the albums with others too. 

To begin storing your photos on Amazon Photos you need to download the app to your phone or home computer.

  1. Open the app
  2. Sign in using your Amazon log in and password
  3. From there you can manually upload photos or choose to set your app to automatically upload your photos

Be aware that if you cancel your Prime subscription you could lose access to your photos so be sure to download them to your computer if you plan on doing that.

These 4 easy ways to get your photos off your phone are just a few of the many ways out there that accomplish this task. With free online storage, there really isn’t any reason to not get our photos off our phone. Don’t let your photos be at risk of being lost forever. You never know when you might lose your phone or drop it in the pool. All it takes is a couple of clicks at least once a month but I suggest once a week. And trust me, you’ll be happy once you get this task accomplished! How many photos do you have on your phone right now? What program do you use to store your phone photos?

4 easy ways to get your photos off your phone

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