My Bucket List

I tend to fall in love with every place I go. As much as I want to go to new places, I always find myself wanting to back to all the places I’ve been before. So I’m putting my bucket list here to remind myself that there is so much more left in this world to see. I love Instagram but I also want to hate it because it’s making my list grow longer every day!

If I listed every single place I wanted to go this list would be extremely long. It would be much easier to make a list of the places I don’t want to go. If it’s out there I want to see it. So I’m just going to narrow my list down to the places and experiences that are non negotiable. I mean, that list is long too but this is the absolute-must-do list for me. There are places on this list that I’ve been to before but they are still on my list for different reasons. Again, I find myself wanting to go back to places I’ve been but if I didn’t see everything I wanted while there then it’s still on my list. I’ll mark the places I’ve been already with an asterisk*. Also, this list will always continue to grow!


1. Burma/Myanmar – Bagan
2. *Cambodia – Angkor Wat
3. *Japan – Tokyo – Kyoto
4. Indonesia – Borobudur
5. Turkey – Istanbul – Cappadocia – Pamukkale
6. Maldives – Male
7. Nepal – Base Camp Mt. Everest
8. Jordan – Petra


9. Egypt – Cairo – Luxor – Giza
10. Mt. Kilimanjaro
11. Kenja – Giraffe Manor


12. Norway -Oslo – Voss – Trolhunga
13. *Netherlands – Amsterdam – Utrecht – Rotterdam – Lisse
14. Croatia -Primosten – Dubrovnik – Plitvice Lakes
15. *Italy – Amalfi Coast – Cinque Terre
16. Greece – Athens -Santorini (Oia Kikladhes) – Crete – Mykonos – Zakinthos

South America

17. Chile – Pederrales – Salar De Pedernales
18. Argentina
19. Bolivia – Salt Flats

North America

20. Nevada – Lake Tahoe
21. Arizona – Hike Havasu Creek – The Wave
22. Burning Man
23. Canada – Banff NP – Lake Louise
24. Utah – Zion NP


25. Cuba

Thanks for sharing!