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Over the years my camera gear has changed many times depending on what the purpose was at that time. My photography journey started way back in 1999 when I took a photography class in college. I immediately fell in love with the medium and decided it was what I wanted to do with my life. I loved everything about it, especially the dark room. Oh yeah, this was before digital cameras and cell phones back when you were limited to 24 or 36 photos and kind of had to know what you were doing or risk getting nothing for all your hard work. Times change and I really love not being limited to the number of photos!

In 2001 I started my photography business (a portrait studio) using a Nikon film camera. In 2003 digital cameras became a thing and I bought my first one, a Fuji camera. It’s crazy to think that today’s cell phones have a higher resolution than my first digital camera! In 2005 I bought another digital camera, a Nikon. Technology was changing so rapidly that by the time you bought a camera, a better one was coming out a few months later! After that I bought a new better faster camera every few years going back and forth between Fuji and Nikon. In 2009 I started photographing hotels and that required a certain Canon camera so that all photos were consistent. So I learned another system. You can see some of my cameras and lenses below.

Multiple cameras and lenses


All my past cameras and lenses

My Current Camera – The Sony a7r

In 2014 I switched to a Sony Mirrorless Camera, the Sony a7r, and it’s what I’m still using today. It’s such a fantastic camera and I can’t imagine going back to another system. It’s lightweight which makes it easy to travel with and the file size is big enough that I could probably wall paper a wall with one of my photos. But I won’t because that would be weird. Unless you’re reading this and you’ve actually done it then it’s really cool.

Below is my current camera and my go to lens. The Sony a7r camera and the Sony 18-105 lens. Since this camera came out there has been several new releases, a7rII & a7rIII, and the a7rIV in September 2019. Fortunately, my camera is still awesome! I’m pretty sure this is the longest I’ve gone without having to upgrade.

Sony a7r mirrorless camera with the Sony 18-105 lens


Sony a7r


My Sony Lenses

I have several lenses for the Sony. The 18-105mm is my favorite. It pretty much fills all my needs. The 18mm is wide enough to get a lot of area in the frame and the 105mm allows me to zoom in to get enough of a close up shot of my scene. It’s also pretty light at just 15oz so it pretty much stays on my camera when I travel.

Sonly 18-105mm lens


Sony 18-105mm

My next favorite lens is the Rokinon 14mm. This is a fixed lens meaning you can’t zoom in or out. It’s just one length. It’s an Ultra Wide lens so you can get a lot in the frame. This came especially in handy when I was in Morocco trying to photograph the narrow alleys in Fez where no amount of backing up will capture what you want. I also use this lens for capturing the night stars/milky way. This one is slightly heavier at 1.22lbs.

Rokinon 14mm lens


Rokinon 14mm

Next up is my Sony Macro 30mm. I mainly use this one for capturing close ups of flowers or food so I don’t really take it with me when I travel.

Sony Macro 30mm lens


Sony Macro 30mm

And finally, my Sony 24-240mm lens. I rarely use this one. I don’t really zoom in too much and it’s not wide enough for me. It is nice to have for those times when you just can’t get close enough to your subject. This one is heavier at 1.72lbs.

Sony 24-240mm lens


Sony 24-240mm

I also use my iPhone xs. It’s perfect for quick shots, blog photos, Instagram, etc… And even though my Sony Camera has video capabilities, I currently use my iPhone for that. It’s just so much easier to to with the iPhone than my Sony. Okay, I’m sure they are both equally easy but I’m lazy and prefer not to have to think about switching my settings on the Sony. But it is easier to edit the iPhone video and that’s the main reason. Besides being lazy. My iPhone has 256GB of memory so I don’t have to worry about running out of space.

iPhone xs


iPhone XS

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