Cusco Peru Street with woman and alpaca
on the streets of cusco peru

Hi, I’m Audra! Welcome to The Nomadic Type. Here you’ll find information about the places I’ve been, travel tips I’ve learned over the years, and photography. Although this blog is new (2019), I have decades of travel experience including moving to 3 foreign countries. I’ve also been a photographer for the last 18 years. I’ve owned a portrait studio, spent 3 years photographing hotels, and for the last 5 years I’ve been selling my travel work online.

Why the name “The Nomadic Type”? Well, I grew up a military brat (child of a military parent) and we moved every few years. After my husband and I married, he went into the military and we spent 20 years moving around the world. Though we are pretty settled in Texas now, I always have the urge to move to a new place. Being nomadic is pretty much who I am. My husband compromises and agrees to travel as often as possible.

Banyan Tree and Temple ruins at Ta Prohm Angkor Wat Cambodia
Ta Prohm Temple Angkor wat Cambodia

We own a house in Texas and are saving for retirement. We’re hoping that happens in about 5 years so that we can spend more time traveling and enjoying life. We are constantly examining where we are in life and readjusting our future plans. Trying to find a balance between what we want to do and what we have to do.

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So here’s a few of my thoughts on travel. I believe travel to be one of the most important things someone can do in their life for themselves and their children. It opens your eyes to what else is out there in the world. It’s a real life lesson in culture, language, art, and history. Sadly, I know so many people that never leave their own country, some not even their own state here in the United States. They’re truly missing out. I have more to say on this here.

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To read a little more about me, check out my About page.

You can find my Bucket list here.

If you’re interested in what camera gear I travel with and use, you can read about it here.

Taking a photo of the Louvre Pyramid in Paris France
The louvre, paris france

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