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Looking for our dream home

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My plan for this blog was/is for it to be about travel. We are not full time travelers but traveling has always been a part of our lives and is going to be a much bigger part of our lives in about a year. For now, there is a lot that is going on. Specifically, our living situation. We’ve been chasing our dream home for about 8 years now and we are finally near the end of our search. So I am switching things up and will be documenting what is going on now. I’ll continue to talk about travel but with Covid-19 there aren’t a lot of places we will be going. Travel will have to wait until later in 2021.

Sometimes Plans Change

So let me give some background on how we got to where we are today. In 2015 we sold a home that we had been living in for three years. It was a really nice house and we thought we would live there forever. But there were some things we didn’t like about it. So if it was not our dream home then we needed to go ahead and sell it. We immediately started looking for a house that we could see ourselves in forever. After not finding that house, we decided that we wanted to build a house. We wanted to have everything the way we want it and the only way to do that was to build. Once our house sold we purchased a lot and moved into a 3 bedroom apartment. The majority of our belongings went in storage.

Stone house in Texas
Home we Purchased in 2012

Big Mistake

We lived in that apartment for a year. By the way, apartment life sucks! Also, building a home is not cheap. Tip for everyone…do your research before buying a lot. Long story short, after firing three builders for suddenly raising prices just as we were going to sign agreement (yes…3 times), we decided to put our lot up for sale and just buy a house. It wouldn’t be our dream home but most people don’t live in their dream house so whatever. We needed to get out of that apartment.

Empty Lot with trees
The first Lot we purchased and was going to build on. Those views!

Is this our dream home?

So in 2016 after living in that small apartment for a year we purchased another home. Again, the home was nice, not our dream home but it would do. I feel bad for wanting something more knowing that what we have is more than most people will ever have. We decided it was good enough and in 2018 we set a goal to pay the house off and retire in the next 5 years. Back to our empty lot: tip #2…selling an empty lot is not easy. It would take us just over 3 years to get it sold. We lost a ton of money. The buyers got a really great deal.

1 story house in Texas
We thought this would be the last house we lived in. But look how close those neighbors are!

Nope, not the final house

So three months ago (March 2020), I went to Zillow and happened upon a house for sale. It was a great house and was on a much bigger lot than what we had. We were living in a planned community and the houses were super close to each other. Our house was nice (mostly) but the neighbors were RIGHT THERE. Now, we had not planned on ever moving again. But I saw the house online, we went and looked at it, and decided that we really wanted that house. At the very least we knew we didn’t want to be in this house forever.

Can you sell a house during a pandemic?

So in April 2020, we put our house up for sale. Right at the beginning of the pandemic. We figured it would take a really long time to sell our home. We also figured the house we had looked at would be gone by the time we sold ours. Did you know people still buy houses during a pandemic?? We had an offer in just 3 weeks. Once we got an offer we went to look at that house again. This really should have been the end of this story but it’s not. We tried to put in an offer but the sellers had just entered into an agreement to rent their house. It had been for sale for 6 months and they had built another home in the same neighborhood and they had to do something to avoid making 2 mortgages. We were ONE day too late.

Moving Truck

Here we go again

So, now we had sold our home and had to find another. Quickly. Again, same situation, lots of homes to look at and they were all nice but not the home for us. And then I saw a home on Zillow that was about to be built. The house was a good size, the lot was almost an acre, and the neighboorhood was great. It cost more than we wanted to spend but after looking at a lot of houses, we knew that we were not going to find something cheaper that we would be happy with. We met with the builder and made the decision right there that this was what we wanted to do.

Empty lot with trees - where our dream home will be built
Future House to be built here

Seriously, we aren’t crazy

So you might be thinking we’re insane for going back to building a house after the issues we had before. There are two ways to build a house. You can build a custom home where an architect designs a house that is unique and all yours. Nobody else will have that home anywhere. This is the expensive way to do it. The other way is what we are doing. The builder has homes that they have designed and they build. You can make some changes such as opening up a wall or making a room larger. You also get to pick out all the finishes yourself. This way is a little cheaper and there are no surprises.

One story house with metal roof - our future dream home
Not our house but this is what we are building

Okay, maybe we’re a little crazy

So now we are living in a 2 bedroom apartment. Its just over 900 sq feet. And yes, apartment living still sucks. But, this should only be 6-7 months. Then we will be living in our FINAL house. Our Dream Home. Have you read about how much I’ve moved around? How I’ve lived in 37 houses? I have. Number 38 will be the final house. My kids don’t believe me but it’s true. And if nothing you read sounded too insane, maybe this will. We have moved up our five year plan to retire to 1 year. ONE YEAR. More on that next time.

Thanks for sharing!

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