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This is post number 2 in our adventure into building a house. You can find our first post here. Anyone who has built a house will probably say that it was the best thing they ever did and also that they would never do it again. It’s pretty stressful. We are 3 months into building our house and of course time is just dragging. Being stuck in a little 2 bedroom apartment doesn’t help. Some weeks seem to go by fast but it’s just not fast enough. We have about 2 months left until it’s complete but we’re crossing our fingers that they finish it in 6 weeks. A lot has already been completed so I’ll share where we’re at in our home building journey.

Let’s Build a House

Here’s where we started when we decided to build a house. We found a “house” for sale through Zillow that looked really nice and the price was in our range. We called the contact number on the listing for the house but when we called, we found out that it actually hadn’t been built yet. They were about to start building the house in a few weeks. We went to look at one just like it in the process of being built in another neighborhood and we loved it so much that we wrote a check for a deposit that day. Luckily, we got in early enough that we could make changes to the house. Nothing crazy but we were able to choose all of our tiles, flooring, lighting, and make a few footprint changes. Just enough to fit our needs.

Foundation Starting

Empty lot with framing material

Materials arrived to start the foundation of the house. It took about 6 weeks to get to this point once we decided to build a house. We didn’t realize that the HOA had to approve EVERYTHING before moving forward including the paint color inside the house. We aren’t a fan of HOAs but whatever…moving forward.

Foundation of new house
Cement is poured for the foundation

Framing Going Up

It’s really exciting watching the house come together. We drive over there nearly every day to check up on the progress. Luckily, we’re only 20 minutes away and with both of us working from home (in a tiny apartment), we like to get away from here for a while. Also, you have to stay on top of things. There are a lot of little mistakes that happen and if we didn’t go there every day we’d probably miss them. From a floor plug in the wrong place to a missing window above the front door. Catching these mistakes early saves a lot of time.

Framing of new house
Framing almost complete on the house
Framing of house from kitchen and living room
framing of house

Roofing started

The roof is finally going up. In this neighborhood you have to have a metal roof which makes us happy. They last much longer and look nice. We have never had one before so I’m really curious if it’s going to be noisy when it rains. It won’t bother me if it is!

Roof is getting started
Metal Roof going up

It’s starting to look like a real house

Drywall is going up which really helps us visualize the rooms and imagine how it’s all going to look. This is the point where we also start to get more anxious about moving in. We just want it done already. Somewhere around this time is also where we had almost THREE WEEKS of no activity. It was super annoying. First, they failed an inspection for part of the plumbing and then there was a small leak from the rain in one of the bedrooms. Once they fixed those things they had to wait for the inspectors to come back out.

Drywall is getting started

Masonry Work

They started and finished the mason work. They did a really good job too. We were happy with their work outside and on the fireplace. The areas that are black is the prepping for the stucco. Stucco will go around the sides and back of the house. Once they put in the window over that front door they will finish it. Stucco will be an off white color. We aren’t crazy about the brown beams in the front so we might paint those black later after we move in.

Mason work on the house
Mason on front of house
Fireplace mason is done

And this is where we are as of October 6, 2020 on building a house. Things will start moving much faster from here. Tomorrow they start tiling in the kitchen and bathrooms. Cabinets, trims, and garage doors will be going in as well this week.

Thanks for sharing!

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